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Ian Garrett worked with Shania Twain for many years. Take singing lessons in Toronto with Shania Twains former vocal coach

The Canadian Academy of Vocal Music has provided singing lessons Toronto residents have raved about for over 40 years. Learn to sing from one of the most established voice instructors in Canada, Ian Garrett, who has developed well-known artists such as Shania Twain, Shawn Desmon and more currently The Launch finalist and American Idol contestant, Vivian Hicks.

The Academy offers both in-person and online vocal lessons at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels to singers of all ages. We coach aspiring artists, professionals as well as those just learning how to sing. Every student’s vocal development is facilitated by the academy’s voice teacher, Ian Garrett.

Singing lessons for beginners

Every singer has to start somewhere. Therefore, having a voice coach isn’t just for the professionals, but beginners as well. We offer programs for hobbyists and those who just want to be as confident as possible when performing before crowds.

Whether starting voice training at the age of 7 or 70, we can help you hone your craft and find more enjoyment as a singer. If you’re a bit shy you may want to consider the benefits of online singing lessons as a starting point.

Hands-On Piano Accompaniment

Having a hands-on piano accompaniment can also be a great benefit to those preparing for auditions, musical theatre productions and live performances. Digital backing tracks are also available to rehearse demos.

Courses & Sessions

Vocal students from across North America and internationally are invited to work with our singing instructor on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Theory Exams
  • Vocal Training
  • Singing lessons Toronto
  • Performance Preparation
  • Demo Tape Preparation
  • Promotional Material
  • Studio Recordings
  • Royal Conservatory Vocal Exam Preparation
  • Speech Lessons
  • Group Classes
  • Summer Camps Available
  • Master Classes are Taught Internationally
  • The Garratt Voice Control Method

Learn how to sing from a technical standpoint

Music theory courses are available for those looking to enhance their knowledge and comprehension of musical composition. Our singing coach prepares every student for the Royal Conservatory vocal examinations, as well as music theory exams.

As a vocal student, you have the help and guidance for entering provincial music festivals and competitions.

Voice training for professionals

Since 1978, the Academy has prepared and helped students to create demo tapes, promotional materials, as well as introduce vocalists to songwriters, producers, agents, and managers.

The ultimate goal of the Canadian Academy of Vocal Music is to ensure that when you perform in public or enter a recording studio, you will have mastered the necessary skills to truly sound like a professional singer.

Singing lessons Toronto can be specific and themed to your needs or full-on training from A to Z which includes mastering the “Garrett Voice Control Method.”

Image of Shania Twain who travelled for singing lessons Toronto residents would agree were worth the trip

Mr. Garett has had students travel from Edmonton, Quebec City and even Halifax to have the experience of training with Shania’s Twain’s former vocal coach.

Shania herself used to travel to her voice lessons with Ian during her rise to stardom.

Working with the Academy you are guaranteed to learn the vocal techniques required for developing your range and learning how to control your voice.

Gain insight from an established singing coach

The success Ian has had with his past students and current students has resulted in Ian making a name for himself among the industry’s finest vocal coaches. His personal accolades and accomplishments are also a huge asset when preparing a student for a professional career in the music industry.

Garrett singing lessons Toronto bound artists can prepare for professionally
Singing lessons in Toronto may not be as good as Ian Garrett training in Mississauga!

Ian has participated and performed at some of Toronto’s most popular venues and productions such as the Royal Alexandria Theatre, O’Keefe Centre (now Sony Centre), and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

When you’re taking singing lessons with Ian, you’re learning from someone who has made it in the music industry in multiple ways. You are learning from a legend.

Ian Garrett travels to give singing lessons in Toronto but only on occasion. Here he worked with Ernest Macmillan

Industry Connections

The Canadian Academy of Vocal Music can also help introduce you to:

  • Talent Agencies
  • Agents
  • Managers
  • Record Producers
  • Songwriters

Professional Affiliations

Canadian Academy of Vocal Music is proud to be affiliated with the Canadian Opera Company, CBC Symphony, and a member of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF).

Voice training is a lifetime skill

The Canadian Academy of Vocal Music receives testimonials from students, who express how voice lessons helped boost their vocal ability and confidence.

The Academy provides an experience that stays with students for a lifetime. Although training with a personal voice coach takes a lot of time and energy, many find the experience to be enjoyable and personally rewarding.

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  • Saturdays 10 am – 5 -pm
  • Sundays closed

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