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Have you always dreamed about singing in front of a sold-out crowd? At the Canadian Academy of Vocal Music, we get you one step closer to achieving your music goals through our custom voice training sessions and vocal control classes. Our academy offers private singing lessons online and in Mississauga for students of all ages and skill levels.

Beginner singing lessons in Mississauga

Learn how to sing on pitch and expand your vocal range to hit the high notes and the low notes. Learn how to sing vibrato, during your private lessons with one of the best voice teachers in the country.

Our beginner singing lessons teach students how to maintain vocal health, breathing exercises, vocal warm-ups, diction, annunciation, how to project, how to sing on pitch, ear training exercises and more.

Your music teacher, Ian Garrett will guide you through vocal exercises that are proven to allow you more control of your voice for a full sound that is pleasing to the ear.

No matter where you are in your development in vocal control you are invited to take your singing to the next level. Our vocal lessons are custom-tailored to each of our students for developing their singing voice while having fun at the same time.

Learn how to sing with the proper technique

It’s a common misconception that you’re either born with the ability to sing or you’re not. The truth is anyone can learn how to sing by using the proper technique.

You’ll notice a complete difference in the quality of sound you’re able to produce once you grasp the basics of learning how to control your voice. Most students are completely shocked by their own improvement once they’ve mastered the beginner vocal training.

Ian Garratt (Shania Twain’s former vocal coach) teaches students of all ages to learn how to sing using a voice training program tailored to move as slowly or quickly as needed.

Ian Garrett and Shania Twain

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Custom voice training lessons

Over the years Ian has helped his students reach their singing goals. His voice training will transform you into a vocal professional. We regularly hear from past students who say Ian’s voice lessons have helped to boost their vocal ability and has given them the confidence they needed to succeed.

We can discuss your goals and help develop a plan for the best course of action on how to reach them.

Learn how to sing any style or genre

At the Canadian Academy of Vocal Music, you can learn how to sing any style of music including but not limited to:

  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • R & B
  • Opera
  • Classical
  • Soul
  • Funk
  • Rock
  • Blues
  • Country

Prepare for auditions with a professional vocal coach

Are you rehearsing for an upcoming live performance? Are you a singer in a choir or musical theatre and need to prepare for an audition? Book a singing lesson in Mississauga with singing coach Ian Garrett to help you prepare professionally and ensure your performance goes flawlessly.

When working with our students, we provide hands-on piano accompaniment to get you used to the feeling of a live performance and help you work out all the kinks before the big day.

We can even create digital backing tracks to help you rehearse demos. With our help, you’re sure to impress everyone during your on-stage debut.

Learn to perform in front of an audience

Ian Garrett is the former vocal coach of Canadian stars like Shania Twain, Shawn Desmond and many more. You can check out the Hall Of Fame for other well-known personalities that Ian has worked with in the past.

Vivian Hicks performing a cover song during vocal training (Speechless by Dan & Shay)

Turn your singing passion into a career

As a seasoned veteran in the business and your official vocal coach, Ian Garrett can help you turn your passion for music into a full-time career.

We’ll take your skills from amateur to professional by teaching you the proper vocal techniques to strengthen your voice and maintain vocal health.

Our students learn to sing using “The Garrett Method” which has helped thousands of students become better singers. Our private singing lessons teach the proper ear training, breath control, singing from the diaphragm and the fluid transitions from head voice to chest voice.

We have helped many former students create demo tapes and promotional materials. In today’s competitive vocalist field, it takes more than a great voice to make it as a professional. Your singing teacher at the Canadian Academy of Vocal Music can help you connect with:

  • Talent Agencies
  • Agents
  • Managers
  • Record Producers
  • Songwriters
  • Industry Insiders

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth getting singing lessons?

Singing lessons improve multiple aspects of vocal control. By learning how to sing with knowledge of the technical aspects your singing voice improves tremendously. This is true for both beginners and advanced vocalists.

Can anyone sing if they get lessons?

If you can speak you can learn how to sing. With the right training, anyone can learn to sing and produce a full sound that is pleasant to the ear. Technical vocal training also improves pitch, volume, and develops timbre and a steady tempo.

How many voice lessons do you need to see a change?

It truly depends on the goals you have for your voice and the amount of time you spend practicing what your vocal coach teaches. Most people notice a difference after a few lessons, but you may need 4-5 lessons to master the changes your coach is trying to accomplish.

What’s the best age to start singing lessons?

For kids, it depends on the maturity of the child and how well they are able to take direction. Typically kids are ready by ages 7-9 years old. Adults will benefit from vocal training during any point in their lives since the voice continually changes as people get older.

How much time does it take to learn to sing?

There’s no exact answer because some people are very natural singers and will pick up on the changes very quickly. Even so, it could take years to master the subtleties of singing such as harmonizing with others or expanding your range.

Can you teach yourself to sing?

Anyone can learn how to sing in tune but it’s very difficult to get to a professional level without some sort of vocal training. Every vocal professional has had some form of training at some point in their career.

How do I start learning to sing?

The best way to start learning how to sing is to start with a few lessons. Of course you can always just open your mouth and practice as much as you can, however, with a little guidance from a vocal coach you can avoid picking up bad habits and focus on specific aspects of improvement.

What singing credentials does your voice coach have?

Ian Garrett is most famously known for being the vocal coach for Shania Twain. Shania accredits much of her vocal capabilities to Ian in her autobiography. Want to read more about Ian Garrett?

What makes our voice teacher different?

With over 40 years in the business, Ian has been able to help hundreds of students achieve their vocal goals. Ian has an extensive professional career as both a coach and performer. His his methods are proven to to bring out the best sound from students at all skill levels.


Why wait any longer? Take the first steps toward reaching your dreams and contact us today to schedule an appointment time to discuss your goals and expectations.


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