Discover the best version of your singing voice by taking online singing lessons from Canada’s top vocal coach. The Canadian Academy of Vocal Music is for singers of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re just getting started with music or are a working professional, we know how to get the best from our students.

Online Beginner Singing Lessons

The Canadian Academy Of Vocal Music is where you go when you want to learn how to sing. The online beginner sessions are geared towards students who are still learning how to read music, how to carry a tune and the proper singing positions.

In person vocal training is almost as good as online singing lessons

We work with you from the comfort of your home and make learning how to sing fun and exciting journey. Most of our beginner students are shocked at how well they can sing by applying the technical aspect of sound production.

Call today and find out how we can help develop a vocal training program to take you to where you want to be.

Advanced vocal training online

Our advanced vocal training is perfect for music professionals who are already working or performing regularly. Our students work towards adding a broader skill set to their repertoire by fine-tuning the technical and creative aspects of vocal training. Let us help you with perfecting your voice to enhance your performances and land more gigs.

Ian Garrett is well known in the industry and works with top entertainers and musicians on expanding their ability in the right areas. One of the most famous musicians to grace the Academy was country/pop singer Shania Twain. Shania attributes much of her development to Ian’s training in her autobiography, “From This Moment On”.

Online singing lessons for kids

Whenever teaching kids how to sing online, we focus on making it a fun learning experience. Kids are taught the essentials of learning how to sing. Reading music, studying for theory exams, getting ready for school performances are all regular goals we strive to achieve peak performance.

Students are allowed to bring in their own music but we implement core training exercises to expand the range, fine-tune pitch and annunciation. Learning the body positioning and how to project are also compulsory aspects of online vocal training for kids.

Adult singing lessons online

Our adult singing lessons (for those 18 years old and up) are for those who are interested in learning how to sing with a better quality singing voice. Some of our core lessons include learning scales, how to keep tempo, how to sing no key, finding the rhythm and being able to project with a clear and full voice.

Online vocal training for adults can start at the beginner or advanced level and are tailored to meet you where you are in your stage of development. Tell us about your goals or musical aspirations and we’ll come up with a developmental plan to make sure you get there.

What sets us apart from other online singing lessons?

When you’re looking for a way to learn how to sing it’s important you find the right person who can assess your ability and communicate the changes that will make the most impact. Not every coach and student are a perfect match, however, here are a few reasons why you call us for an assessment.


The Canadian Academy of Vocal Music has been around for over 40 years. Years of experience as a vocal coach have made Ian Garrett an unstoppable force in the industry. He has coached thousands of students and produced endless success stories at the recreational and professional level. If you want an instructor who knows music and how to get the best from your voice, you’re learning from someone who has done it a thousand times over.


Enjoy the luxury and convenience of taking your vocal training sessions right from the comfort of your home. We are currently working over Skype so all you need is a laptop, phone or desktop with a webcam to get your lessons started. Save travel time and make the most of your singing lessons in a safe environment.


Your lessons are tailored specifically for you to achieve your goals. Ian is a respected professional who has produced a long list of talented vocalists and has helped new students to find a true passion for singing. Read our glowing testimonials and reviews from students who have experienced tremendous growth in their ability to sing.

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