Are you ready to experience the best singing lessons Oakville offers? At the Canadian Academy of Vocal Music, we’re proud to extend our services to all aspiring students in the Oakville area who want to learn how to sing.

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Singing lessons for beginners

If you're choosing between the singing lessons oakville ontario offers, choose the Canadian Academy Of Vocal Music

The academy welcomes beginners of all ages. Your vocal coach, Ian Garratt, will be your guide to learning the finer details about developing a quality singing voice. Our music lessons cover all the basics such as:

  • How to breathe while you sing
  • How to sing in front of an audience
  • The proper body positions and posture
  • Ear training
  • How to sing in tune with the right pitch
  • How to project for more volume
  • How to create a fuller, more pleasant sound
  • How to sing like your favourite artist
  • How to develop your own unique sound

Choose your genre of music

Learn any genre of music including (but not limited to) jazz, pop, R & B, soul, hip hop, country, classical, opera and just about any style you can think of.

Your voice lessons can be geared towards becoming better at any style of music you deem worthy to pursue. Students need to love what they’re singing and are welcome to decide on what music they want to learn.

Canadian Academy of Vocal Music offers vocal training in Oakville

Prepare for music exams

If you’re studying for a music exam, you’re in good hands. Ian has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of students, prepare for and pass their exams at the Royal Conservatory of Music.

He is a master in music theory who believes that anyone can develop a beautiful voice as long as they learn the technical aspects of vocal control. To make the most of your voice lessons every student is groomed to perform and pass their music exams.

Auditions and performance preparation

Do you have an upcoming event that you want to be able to showcase the best version of yourself? If so, one on one private vocal training is the perfect solution to taking your voice to the next level.

It doesn’t matter what experience you have as a vocalist. If you want to improve your singing voice, we can provide a specific training program to achieve your goal.

Ian has worked with thousands of students in his lifetime and helped many reach their own personal musical aspirations.

Oakville voice lessons are the best option for someone who want to improve their singing voice for a performance

Vocal training for adults

Our lessons are completely customizable and are suited for both children and adults. We have many clients that are working artists as well as people that just want to improve their singing voice recreationally.

Singing can be therapeutic and fun in so many different ways, but nothing is as much fun as becoming really good at singing your favourite songs. What’s even more rewarding is the roaring applause you’ll receive from your audience when they hear the improvement from our vocal training.

You can come for a few lessons to brush up on some technical skills or we create a personalized program we can help you achieve specific goals. In either case you’ll notice a huge improvement in the way you’re able to deliver your performance for any and every occasion.

We work with music professionals

Shania drove 10 hours for vocal lessons Oakville did not offer because Ian Garrett was in Mississauga!

Among the most notable of all artists to come out of our music school was Shania Twain. Shania mentions Ian in her autobiography as one of the key people in her life with whom she attributes to being a big part of her success.

More currently, you may recognize Vivian Hicks who recently auditioned on American Idol among many of her other recent accomplishments.

Ian is a well-versed performer himself with many notable productions under his belt. As a vocal coach and mentor, Ian Garratt is one of the best in the business.

Meet the right people in the music industry

The music business can be a tough industry to crack without getting the right guidance. An artist needs the proper knowledge and connections to get your foot in the door and be heard by the right professionals.

At the Canadian Academy of Vocal Music, we are here to help you make a name for yourself and launch your career. We not only strengthen your skills and improve your confidence but will also get you in contact with important names in the music industry.

Contact us today via email or give us a call to schedule an assessment and we will set up a time to chat and discuss your music goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth getting vocal training?

Most people need to learn the technical side of learning how to sing to truly maximize their potential. Whether you’re just starting or you’re an experienced vocalist, a vocal coach can help you improve the quality of your voice. Even the professionals have vocal coaches to keep their skills sharp. Beginners can learn a lot, even from just a few lessons.

What’s the best age to start vocal training?

There’s no universal age to begin vocal lessons as everyone is different and has different abilities. Children can begin vocal training as soon as they have control and maturity to respond to instructions. Some may need to wait until 7 (a general rule of thumb) while others are ready to begin as early as 4 years old.

Can someone with a bad voice learn to sing?

The truth is that everyone can learn to sing no matter how bad they sound before training and developing vocal control. In fact, most people are supposed at how well they can sing once you have a solid grasp of the technical aspects of how to sing. Vocal lessons are literally for anyone who wants to improve their singing voice.


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