Canadian Academy of Vocal Music Hall of Fame

The gift of singing is one to be shared and celebrated. The Canadian Academy of Vocal Music’s “Hall of Fame” showcases former students who have gone on to become celebrities within music and the performing arts.

Notable Students

Some of the Hall Of Fame renowned students include:

  • Shania Twain (Renowned Country Singer)
  • Kabir Bageria (Weather Network Canada)
  • Shawn Desman (Pop & R&B Artist)
  • Theresa Cruz (Radio & TV Personality)
  • Pat Foran (CFTO News)
  • Kim Esty (Hit Singles “Squeeze Toy,” “Summer in the Street,” Boomtang Boys)
  • Cassie Steele (Singer/Actress) Degrassi Street & Complex
  • Delisha Thomas (Darkchild) Songwriter & Backup Singer to Mariah Carey, J Lo & Beyoncé
  • Myrna Lorrie (Country Singer & Mentor to Shania Twain)
  • Sheldon Smith (Hairspray Dancer)
  • Karen David (Singer/Actress) Scorpion King 2 & various Bollywood movie

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